Need Photo Duplicate Software Recommendations


Just as the title says I’ve been searching up software that finds duplicate photos. And lots of the links will go to dated looking sites, or reviews of software that’s not even around anymore or I can’t find updated reviews for some, ugh.

So can anyone recommend one? I’m not against paying as this is important, deleting photos that you didn’t mean to is THE worse feeling.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. illuminated

    Can this task be simplified by assuming that duplicate photos have the same file names?

    • j5

      In reply to illuminated:

      If that was the case I could use MS Power Tools and call it day.

      So I have 200 GB plus of photos going back to like 2001 and that's just digital photos and that included photos from different phones, and different back up sources, iCloud, Carbonite, Samsung, Android. AND THEN I have my scanned photos. It's a hot mess. And there's been lots of duplication from photo projects, Picasa, MS Photo stuff like that. 

      I need something that can sort all the duplicate images by the image not the file name, that would be a disaster. This say I can see what has multiples and delete them myself manually. But I'd like to get recommendations and some real world usage reviews from people. You can't really trust "review" sites now a days.

  2. beckoningeagle

    I have used this one:

    Find and eliminate all duplicate and similar photos Â· FirmTools Duplicate Photo Finder 1.2

    It hasn't been updated in a few years, it is not the fastest program in the world, but it works. I have used it in Windows 10 and other than a few display issues which could probably be solved by a compatibility setting, it works fine.

    It analyzes all photos and gives you a percentage of similarity. You can immediately get rid of duplicates that are 100% and then you can sift through the ones in the 80 to 99%. Low than those percentages you can tell that the pictures are dissimilar enough not to delete anything. It is pretty accurate. For example if you have two pictures that are almost exactly the same, except in one someone is doing bunny ears on a subject, then it will flag it as a duplicate in the 95-99% range.

    I've tried other more modern programs and always find myself coming back to this legacy application.

    • j5

      In reply to BeckoningEagle:

      That looks and sounds like what I need! But I don't feel comfortable paying for something that I'm not even sure will go through or who has my payment information, you know what I mean? The contact us and company page won't even load. I sincerely appreciate the recommendation though.

      • beckoningeagle

        In reply to j5:

        I perfectly understand. I saw that before recommending it, but since the reseller is Digital River, which is a third party that has been around since forever, I still recommended it.

  3. csca

    easy duplicate finder.

    Works very well and is not dependent on file names.

    Also does more than photos.

  4. darkgrayknight

    I need the same, so I am going to look at AntiDupl:

  5. Sprtfan

    I've used Duplicate Cleaner Free and it works well enough. Can pay to get more options. They have a website but you can also download it via the Windows Store.