Outlook.com does not sync with Mail app on Windows 10


My Outlook.com account was finally upgraded a week or so ago, however, now mail and calendar does not sync to mail and calendar apps on Windows 10. I get the error code 0x86000c05. Any suggestions?

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    Try removing and re-adding the account.

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    This happened to my wife's account-the w10 mail app wouldn't sync. I tried deleting the account and re-adding it, but no go. I waited a day and did the same thing again. Voila, it worked the second time.

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    I have the same problem before the conversion and after the conversion without the error code. When I look at the account in the Mail app the only sync option I have is email. I was hoping that when I was upgraded I would get the calendar and contracts sync options, but I did not. The account I am having problems with is my old hotmail account that I use as my Windows account. Everything is tied to this account!