You don’t like what Microsoft is doing. What should they do instead?


Every day on this site I see dozens of comments from people who are aghast at the direction Microsoft is going (e.g. UWP, Windows Store, W10S, etc,). Can you please explain in detail what exactly you think Microsoft should do instead?

Who should Microsoft focus on? How big is that segment or segments? Are those segments growing or shrinking, and at what rate?

What should Microsoft offer them? What needs is Microsoft satisfying, and who else is competing to meet those needs?

How should Microsoft monetize its efforts? What is wrong with their current monetization efforts, and how does your suggestion improve upon it?

Based on your suggestions what does success look like for Microsoft in 5 years or 10 years? Based on what you think they should do, will they be larger, smaller or about the same size? Will they be more or less profitable?

What obstacles are there internally and externally that Microsoft would have to overcome in order to enact your plan? How do they overcome those and “sell” this plan to employees and shareholders?

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