10 device limit


I hate to complain about this because I thought 10 would be enough. But, between 1 desktop at home, 3 desktops in the office at different locations, 2 media center PCs, and some Surface Pros, and a still used Windows Phone, I keep hitting the device limit on store apps. Wondering if there is any chance they may change the limit. I can’t imagine ever needing more than 15, but 10 just doesn’t seem enough. Anybody else hitting that wall regularly? Any hint that they might do something?

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  1. MacLiam

    I hit 10 recently, but that included a couple of deceased or now unused devices that I flushed in order to restore some headroom.

    Also, if you have some devices that use only free Store apps, you could try creating a separate account and relocating some of your devices over there.

    I can't imagine Microsoft is about to change their policy. The 10-device limit feels like one of those institutional rules that, once adopted, run forever even if occasional good reasons pop up to reconsider them.

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