1709 reliability issues?


Upgraded 3 machines to 1709.

Machine #1: Start menu became completely unresponsive after waking from sleep. None of the usual workarounds helped (e.g. reboots, restarting explorer.exe, sfc /scannow, etc.) Had to reinstall Cortana in PowerShell to get it working. Now that is a user friendly experience! Rolled back to 1703 – works great again.

Machine #2: Network adapter failed after waking from sleep. Computer would occasionally fail to wake from sleep and I’d have to hard reboot. Computer would occasionally fail to boot. This is a brand new Alienware Aurora! Rolled back to 1703 and works great again. Hmm…

Machine #3: So far so good but it’s a SP4. Going to keep this one on 1709 to see how quickly they release updates!

Hearing lots of discussion of missing apps in the Start menu, problems emerging after sleep, and Razer machines becoming completely borked. What about you? How reliable has 1709 been for you?

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