1709 weirdness


I have had two recurring problems since upgrading to 1709

1 – at times (enuf to annoy) Edge is in a mode where it remains the top window. I have to minimize it to access other programs even when edge launched them. Is there a way to fix this so I don’t have to restart?

2 – Windows Hello (camera) is not activating. Hello does but the camera doesnt turn on to recognize. I have to pin in instead. It is as if the camera is being used by another app and preventing Hello from accessing it. any thoughts how to fix it ?

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  1. jimchamplin

    Those sound really annoying but aren't anything I've ever seen.

    For me, it's after resuming from sleep, the system will grind to a near-halt. It'll take a minute or so to load the PIN entry, then login is slow. It's like memory is full. I've taken to powering down at night!

    This system started as 1703, then went through several of the later Insider builds to get to 1709. I really should clean install it tomorrow.

  2. SteveM

    I have the exact same issue with Windows Hello on my Surface Pro 4. It hasn't worked since 1709.

  3. ErichK

    I haven't experienced the Edge problem you described, but I am noticing that since I updated to 1709 UWP apps have more of a tendency to immediately close after I launch them, then when I launch them again, they're fine.

  4. Alkaidia

    I have both the problems you mentioned. The Edge issue has been around for months (I know I reported it in the Feedback hub a long time ago). I think I experienced the Windows Hello problem on 1703 on my SP4 though, too.

    As a 'workarounds' until whenever they get fixed, my experience is that the only way to deal with the Windows Hello bug is to restart the computer at which point it will work for a while again (or at least does on my SP4). For the Edge bug, restarting the computer works. There's just an application that you can restart though, too. I don't remember whether it is Edge itself, or explorer.exe.

  5. Tony Barrett

    I tried 1709 on a new laptop built with 1703. Terrible experience. From resume from sleep, lock screen wallpaper displayed, but no logon dialog for at least 5 mins. Some apps wouldn't work. Chrome kept crashing (mmmm!). Rolled back to 1703. Still don't like Win10, but new kit doesn't have older O/S drivers now, so I'm stuck with it.

  6. Martin Pelletier

    For me, the weather app stopped updating the tile

  7. Simard57

    More skulking around to fix things brought me to the Startup folder in the Task Manager. There was an item called "Program" -- with Disable. Properties and Folder buttons grayed out. Logged in as admin to disable it but it continues to show up as disabled. Either something is stalled installing or I picked up some malware. I probably should zap and reinstall. But before I go nuclear - how can a program be removed (not just disabled) ?

  8. John Scott

    Never did have much luck with Edge so I do not use it, EVER. Have had some issues like power profiles disappearing on my laptop and some sluggishness at times with internet. Probably that relates to Windows update ability to use up to 45% of my bandwidth by default. I did find a slider to adjust that now, but no doubt you got to do a little digging to find it. All in all 1709 is probably the best in stability for most, but not everyone. Still amazes me how looking through my drivers in Device manager how many are pretty old. Think someday I will have to sift through them to see if Windows update is really updating them?

  9. Patrick3D

    If you get concerned about your system RAM always being nearly full try disabling the Superfetch service. It pre-loads commonly used apps into memory to help them load faster. The trade off is apps taking longer to open but may improve overall system performance on older systems.

  10. Usman

    For the camera bug, what happens when you click hello after it suggests you to use a pin?

  11. John Scott

    Tried clean install with Media Creation tool. Seem to work to fix some of the issues, but still have strange internet issues where I am connected but can't get any pages to load with any browser. One interesting note on that is Windows appears to be updating UWP apps or adding them when this is happening, or Windows itself is updating. Someone said to try and reduce how much bandwidth Windows uses for updates, but hasn't helped. I think someone else said they had more issues on battery then AC and I would agree my desktop PC seems to be working perfectly with the upgrade but mobile devices not so much.