1903 upgrade fails if external storage present


Seems the 1903 upgrade issues have begun:


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  1. simont

    Weird bug. But this is time is only affects testers instead of the regular users. This is why it is 1905 :)

  2. Vladimir Carli

    it's amazing, they just can't produce a new OS every 6 months. It's understandable but they are destroying their credibility by insisting in doing it

  3. Dan1986ist

    I can see this issue affecting 32-bit installs of Windows 10 1809 with only 32 GB of internal storage. Yes, those devices are still around.

    • Kevin Costa

      In reply to Dan1986ist:

      I have a Atom tablet, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, sitting around here. It it a pain in the b*** update to a newer version everytime. I have to use lots of tools, and uninstall all junkware to free a least 3GB~4GB to make it workable.

  4. bharris

    I had a similar issue upgrading to 1809. I guessed that it might of been an accessory so I unplugged all USB devices but the keyboard and it then installed fine. I assumed that it was an USB driver issue but evidently it was just that I have some USB drives.

    I'm in no hurry for 1903. Running Pro, I plan on delaying taking it for at least a month & more if problems start emerging.

  5. hrlngrv

    Interesting. I always have an external drive connected to my home PC, and it hasn't affected previous upgrades.

    Most troubling thing in that article: Note The drive reassignment is not limited to removable drives. Internal hard drives can also be affected. If that means people with their internal drive configured with multiple NTFS partitions would have every volume other than C: reassigned, that'd be pretty damn bad. I can live with A: and B: dedicated to the long-vanished floppy drives, and D: dedicated to the currently disappearing internal optical drives, but if MSFT is going to be glomming onto another drive letter for OS use, MSFT needs to state publicly and clearly that's the case.

  6. Kevin Costa

    It happened to me, I had a thumb drive connected on a USB hub as I triggered 1903 install through Release Preview. About 35% later, the "Modern Setup Host" window popped up and said that my PC was not ready for the update. My PC is from 2011 (i5 2500k, 16GB DDR3, GTX970, 240GB SSD) and I briefly thought that MS might be cutting support for Sandy Bridge CPUs and/or older Legacy BIOS motherboards (it makes sense, because 1809 is a LTSC release, and this types of releases can be targeted to individual PC models if their hardware are not compatible with a newer feature update. One example was Clover Trail PCs that won't install 1703, being stuck in 1607, but being serviced through 2023 because 1607 is a LTSC version).

    Luckly it was not the case, and the installation completed after I removed the thumb drive.

  7. madthinus

    It is amazing to me that the Windows code is this fragile. What change has broken a fundamental and trivial thing like this?

  8. Tom Wilson

    Unplugging peripherals before an OS upgrade has been a thing since forever.

    I'm really surprised at Microsoft for not halting the process and giving you a chance to disconnect everything other than a simple wired mouse.

    Sure would save them a lot of trouble.

  9. jbinaz

    I clean installed it on my system with two drives, both internal. One an SSD, the other a SATA spinning rust drive. It wouldn't let me install on my SSD without physically disconnecting the SATA cable on the other drive. Seems crazy to me that I had to do that, but I did. And this apparently isn't new to Windows 10 - I read that people had this issue on Windows 7 as well.

  10. skborders

    I have had this issue periodically with my Surface 3 since Windows 10 has been out. Also clean installs from usb will not work with a micro SD card in the slot.

  11. AnOldAmigaUser

    So, users that have relocated user directories to an SD card, since most laptops have smaller SSDs, are hosed?

    This has not been an issue in the past, or it would have been an issue for me. Every laptop has an SD card, and every desktop has an external drive connected. They have upgraded without issue so far (one of the desktops from Vista.)

  12. bpech

    Ha! I just got 1809 to install...bad intel graphics drivers paused the install for months.