19H1 as just fixes?


Should Windows 10 Version 1903, 19H1 or whatever it’ll be called have more new features added or should it be a release that fixes a lot of stuff? I know this is months away, but what does everyone think?

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  1. Oasis

    Fix everything that is still old style and also fix all the updates so less garbage/untested stuff gets through.

  2. wright_is

    The half-yearly releases are where new features appear. The monthly updates are security and bug fixes, in general.

    So, as long as the bugs are patched by then, business as usual.

    But, thereagain, given the thousands of known issues with Windows, you could spend forever trying to get it right. Even back in the Windows 3.11 days, when the Technet CDs had a list of known bugs, there were thousands of open issues... Windows has become a lot more complicated since then,

  3. Tony Barrett

    Honestly, MS need to double down on consistency and stability. Throwing in new features every 6 months to try and entice as many as possible to upgrade is making a rod for their own back. Maintaining all those different branches with unique patches must lead to mayhem and incredible stress. MS need to switch to an annual release cycle and not this stupid bi-annual thing just so they can be seen to be different. Most would take this without a second thought if it meant a better product.

  4. Brad Sams

    That or just finish fluent.

  5. will

    Yes, it will contain fixes and some new stuff as well, guaranteed.