8 harsh realities of being a Windows 11 user – ZDNet article


Recently stumbled across a ZDNet article titled “8 harsh realities of being a Windows 11 user” written on Dec. 21:


What are your thoughts on this article? I wonder what does Mr. Thurrott think of this article published on ZDNet

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5 responses to “8 harsh realities of being a Windows 11 user – ZDNet article”

  1. Paul Thurrott

    Most of this is accurate/true. (The "no search bar" thing is curious in the sense that one of the weird things about Windows 11 is that there are multiple entry points to Start search.)

  2. smithpm

    Perhaps working on replacing the Control Panel is a job the Windows programming team give to summer students (with no deadline). They might better be advised to contract the job out to Apple or Google - they would know how to do it.

    • Greg Green

      It’s like not even Nadella loves windows anymore.

    • Dan

      All of the Windows Sustained Engineering work is outsourced to contractors. No FTE wants to work on a legacy product.