A Brand new UWP app being offered by Adobe via an EXE installer?!?


So this is very cool. Adobe has released the worlds first Desktop class application made entirely using UWP and is, in fact, distributing it through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, and NOT through the Windows Store. Folks, this might be a living example of what Microsoft spoke of months ago about letting third party stores distribute UWP apps. Furthermore, this is the first UWP app designed for desktops with mouse and keyboards.

The app is Adobe XD (short for experience design), and it is available to download for everyone, even those who do not have an active Creative Cloud Subscription. Just install the Creative Cloud app, and you should have the option to install Adobe XD UWP app.

You can get the new UWP app through your Creative Cloud subscription and by installing the Creative Cloud app.

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  1. 2015

    > Furthermore, this is the first UWP app designed for desktops with mouse and keyboards.

    Nonsense. There are many apps in the store designed for mouse and keyboard that arrived long before Adobe XD.  Filebot to name a recent example, not to mention all the games that are clearly designed for keyboard and mouse and not touch.

    • 3148

      In reply to Ryster:

      I wasn't including games under apps, as Microsoft completely seperated games in its own category and seperate the publishing policies. But, I didn't know about filebot. Thanks for letting me know. I was wrong. Feel free to suggest other desktop focused UWP apps!

  2. 5611

    All UWP apps support mouse and keyboards. I've not yet come across one that doesn't.

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      In reply to WP7Mango:

      No, you didn't get my original poikt. All UWP supports mouse and keyboard. But this one is designed for mouse and keyboard first and touch second. Not including games, this might be the first pure UWP app to do this. Also, notice that this UWP app isn't being installed through the Windows Store, but theough a third party installer. Again, this is the first time this happened with a major pire UWP app

  3. 6447

    well, being "universal" then I should have no problem running at least on my xbox, and windows phone. Or not??

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      In reply to Bill_Russell:

      Only if the developer chooses to target those devices too. UWP doesn't require devs to automatically target all devices - it's optional.

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      In reply to Bill_Russell:

      It's using the Universal Windows App platform, which is capable targeting many different types of devices, but the developer of the app still needs to actually do it. And especially in the case for phone, the developer needs to compile the UWP app specifically for ARM in addition to the x86 package for distribution in the store - only then it'll be possible for it to run on phone. It isn't automatic.

  4. 4506

    There is no doubt that Adobe is going all in UWP now. Because they did say that UWP is the future so they're focusing on that, leaving, Windows 7 and 8 under the bus.