A replacement for Windows Movie Maker – as in Free


Brad I would like to suggest Paul look at the Kdenlive program as a replacement for Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. Its a little more powerful than what he was asking for, but its free and runs blazingly fast on Windows and does some really cool things with video. The official home page is at kdenlive.org but I made a personal post about here A replacement for FinalCut Pro or Adobe Premiere on Windows

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    Finding something that matches the simplicity of Movie Maker is tough. This isn't it, from what I can tell. :) I wonder if Adobe Premiere Elements is simple enough to bother with. If they put this in the Windows Store, I'd try that.

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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      I can certianly respect that.

      The first time I looked at Adobe Premiere on Windows and FinalCut Pro on Macintosh, they really did burn me out right away. It took me years to come back and look at them again, sticker shock then drove me right into the arms of Sony Vegas Movie Studio. -- I think of the type (Windows Movie Maker and Apple iMovie).. Camtasia is probably the correct fit.. but its exorbitantly expensive. And people tend to only think of Camtasia when looking for a desktop screencapture tool.

      On Windows Expression Encoder is the best desktop screencapture tool.

      On Apple QuickTime Professional is the best desktop screencapture tool.

      But.. back on Topic.

      Adobe Premiere Elements use to leave me wanting.

      Its not a bad idea, but its an upsell tool that always places something just out of reach.

      Another way of looking at it though. I suppose.

      Is drag and drop.. whatever you got.. up to the cloud (through Chrome) and edit online with the hosting providers tool. They tend to transcode it anyway. And its in their interests to optimize playback and make your video attractive for serving Ads. -- I know the online tools are not 'great' but they are getting better.. and they (do) seem to be headed in the direction of the Narrative 'Storyboard' type of video editor.

      Microsoft might be planning an [Azure] video hosting service for Bing.. to monetize your travel videos, or whatever embarrassing party videos.. but first they have to clear the Air by letting Windows Movie Maker die an honorable death of 'decline to support...'

      ... maintaining a single cloud app as opposed to an application for millions of PCs of various hardware limitations vintages and editions would seem to be a lot easier. And cheaper for Microsoft.

      Browsers are the new virtual machine hypervisors, easily updated (by the browser update service) ubiquitous (and) javascript virtual machines are setup and torndown in seconds. -- botnets should harvest browsers not hardware.



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      In reply to Paul Thurrott:

      Premiere Elements is nowhere as easy as Windows Movie Maker.  Windows Movie Maker is about as easy as it gets. 

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    If there's one thing I'd like to see it's Centennialized versions of open source apps like this in the store.