All Quiet on the Windows 10 1803 front


Seeing as there hasn’t been any news about 1803 going out to non-insiders yet, even though it has gone through fast, slow, and release preview yet again as we all are aware, when should we expect it, before after Build? If there are not any showstopper issues with the installation, upgrading, whatever.

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8 responses to “All Quiet on the Windows 10 1803 front”

  1. ErichK

    Every day I keep saying to myself, "Maybe today, maybe today," and the days go by, and it's not today. ?

  2. StevenLayton

    I have it on good authority from the guy who supplies my tin hats, that the NSA is close to finishing the backdoor in 1803 ;)

  3. NT6.1

    Don't worry, when 1803 finally comes out, there won't be nothing different from the other recent builds.

  4. SherlockHolmes

    Why do you so eagerly want it? There is nothing special in it. Why bother?

  5. simont

    I think you mean 1805

  6. lukenlow

    I also think that it's not worth hurry, wait until the situation stabilizes 192.168.l.254