An PWA could not replace the Windows Mail app


As stands today it could not be packaged as a PWA and replace the Windows Mail app. is an email service, but the mail app is an email client. There is no way to connect multiple email accounts through similar to how it is done in Windows Mail.

Microsoft could obviously update to become a mail client which works to display and manage any email service, but right now that is not how the web app works.

Am I missing something here? What do you think, should Microsoft convert into a universal web based email client?

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  1. wright_is

    They could very easily do it. They allow you to redirect email over already (and I use it for one account).

    But you are back to the old data collection argument. If I collect the email on my local machine, Microsoft can't see it, if Microsoft collects it for me and stores it on their servers, they theoretically have full access to it.

    If you don't use and want you business mail collected, your employer would probably have a fit about it going first to Microsoft - it would certainly blow their compliance audits out of the water; this would be different to Office 365 hosted mail, which is partitioned into a separate client space for each customer.

    This was a problem with the early versions of Acompli (Outlook for Andoid and iOS), before Microsoft bought it and re-worked it. They stored your username and password on their servers and pulled the information from your mail servers onto theirs, before pushing it down to the client. That made what was otherwise the perfect corporate email tool unusable by corporate users. They have changed it in the meantime and it now pushes or pulls directly from your mail provider to you.

    I accepted this for my account and used Outlook for Android from the getgo, but only switched to using it with my business email when they changed how it worked.

  2. maethorechannen

    It depends on how important maintaining a non-revenue generating email client that can access 3rd party mail services is for Microsoft. If it's not important at all, then replacing it with an outlook/ PWA makes sense.

  3. Usman

    I believe there is a plan to do so, it's actually hidden in plain sight. If you go to the page without signing in, you'll notice in the mock up there is a single outlook account icon with another icon adding another account.

    Outlook web isn't finished development, it's still always being improved. I think the priority is to get Office 365 Business onto the new web app before they push it further as a PWA multi account client.

  4. yoshi

    It would be nice if they would get Calendar out of beta at this point. Then worry about a PWA.

    Oh - and finish the To-Do integration with

  5. Paul Thurrott

    You're right. But there's no reason it couldn't be updated to that end.

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