Anyone seeing issues with Family Safety?


Anyone seeing issues with Family Safety recently?

I use Family Safety to control what my kids do on the PC, when they can use it, and for how long.  In the past week or two, I’ve noticed my son has been playing on his PC longer than he should be. 

I checked the Family Safety site to make sure his Screen Time settings were correct.  I logged into the machine as him and the FS tray icon tells me that screen time settings are off until 9:10 PM on his PC.  I verified the date, time, and time zone are correct on his PC.

I logged into our main family PC as him and it tells me he’ll be locked out at the correct time based on usage and the allowed window.  In this case, 3 hours from the time I logged in on the main family PC.  That is the max time he is allowed to use it on weekends.

So it appears FS is not working correctly on his PC.  It is not even tracking his usage time.  It was working just after Christmas.  We built the machine on Christmas day.  I had been getting automatic requests from him to extend the time.  So it was working at one time.  He is not an admin on the machine.

Any suggestions on other things to check? 

Yes, I can just track the time manually, but I find this reduces arguments with my kids.  They accept they have a budget of computer time just like an allowance they earn for helping around the house.

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