Anyone seeing very high memory utilization with Win 10 CU?


I’ve upgrated two of my home PCs (a laptop with 4 GB RAM and gaming desktop with 8 GB RAM) to the Creator’s Update. Both are using around 70 – 80% of RAM just when the system is idling. This seems awfully high.

I am trying to run Docker on the gaming desktop but it won’t start for me as it says I need to free up some memory…thing is, there’s not that many more apps I can quit! I literally just have a browser and performance monitor open, nothing too crazy in the system tray; this shouldn’t be an issue…

Is anyone else seeing this with Win10 CU? Or is something borked with my PC?

FWIW – in performance monitor/task manager, my instance of Crashplan has been the top-listed memory hog (~500 MB – 1.5GB), which seems oddly high. Killing that has brought memory consumption down to ~68 – 70%. Possible that Crashplan home backup is not playing nice with the CU?

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