Anyone seeing very high memory utilization with Win 10 CU?


I’ve upgrated two of my home PCs (a laptop with 4 GB RAM and gaming desktop with 8 GB RAM) to the Creator’s Update. Both are using around 70 – 80% of RAM just when the system is idling. This seems awfully high.

I am trying to run Docker on the gaming desktop but it won’t start for me as it says I need to free up some memory…thing is, there’s not that many more apps I can quit! I literally just have a browser and performance monitor open, nothing too crazy in the system tray; this shouldn’t be an issue…

Is anyone else seeing this with Win10 CU? Or is something borked with my PC?

FWIW – in performance monitor/task manager, my instance of Crashplan has been the top-listed memory hog (~500 MB – 1.5GB), which seems oddly high. Killing that has brought memory consumption down to ~68 – 70%. Possible that Crashplan home backup is not playing nice with the CU?

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  1. MacNala

    I have two virtual machines running CU one with 4GB and another with 16GB. I haven't noticed any excessive utilisation. I did get some non responsive system apps so I was looking for high cpu utilization but did not see any high memory usage.

    I have restarted the smaller VM and it seems to be responding OK now. When I read your post I checked again committed memory just around 2GB when idle. Sorry if that doesn't help.

  2. Darekmeridian

    I had this problem when I did a clean install a few days ago. I was having performance problems and full CPU load issues but it calmed down after a day or two, I assume that it was just normal system indexing but it stopped after a while. I also notice that accessing the old Control Panel, never starts on the first run. But it starts the second time you click on it. Windows is a strange beast.

  3. Patrick3D

    Looking in the Resource Monitor tool it appears Windows is setting aside a large chunk of memory as a cache to improve performance. On my 4GB laptop it set aside 1.2GB for the cache.

    To find the info: type "resource monitor" into the Cortana search box, should be the 1st result, open it, click on the Memory tab.

    One would presume this is managed dynamically by Windows and the space is freed up as needed by other apps.

  4. Daninbusiness

    Thanks, all! I'll give it a bit more time and investigate further. Thanks to your comments, a few other explanations coming to mind:

    1. System indexing might indeed still be going on and taking a while since one of the HDDs on my system is 2TB and ~82% full.
    2. I've learned that the Crashplan client's RAM usage goes up a bit once one's backup size exceeds 1 TB. Could definitely be the case here.

    My laptop's RAM usage has calmed down quite a bit, per performance monitor:

    1.8 GB in use, 1GB standby, 1 GB free.

  5. Daninbusiness

    Figured it out!

    Hyper-V is the culprit! I had just started playing with/testing it prior to doing the creator's update. Turns out that the settings I had in Hyper-V manager kept (helpfully?) restarting the VMs on reboot, which each consumed a bit over 2GB of RAM each.

    Task Manager and performance monitor in Windows 10 doesn't directly represent Hyper-V usage, this is only visible via Hyper-V manager.

    Hyper-V newb mistake. :)

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