App store in Windows 10 and on the web appears to be down?


Is anyone else getting errors when trying to view apps (and games) and books with the Microsoft store app on Windows 10 (1803) and ‘page not found’ on the Microsoft store web site?

9:00 pm EST 6/6/2018

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  1. anchovylover

    I'm in Australia an it's working fine. Must be in shock though as it's extremely rare to be opened on my devices.

    I'm reporting this at 2:10PM, Wed 7th. ( remember, we are ahead in time )

  2. Tony Barrett

    No surprise you're the only one noticing it, because you're probably the only one using it! Sorry, couldn't resist. No one cares about the Windows App Store I'm afraid, so it being down is of no consequence to most people.

  3. Paul Thurrott

    It's working fine here. Which I realize is not super-helpful.

  4. johnlavey

    NOT working here right now. JUne 7 12:35pm EDST

    I lied. It IS working now. June 7, 2018 12:37pm