Are you still waiting for Windows 10 Creators Update?


I’ve been busy for the past six weeks and now find its May 23rd. I have realized that my home desktop and my SP3 have not updated to Creators Update. Neither have three of four family computers and tablets owned by my parents and brother (I’m the family tech). The fourth is a Surface 3 and it was just updated this past Friday. Are there still others who have not received it?

I know I there are options for forcing it, but I prefer to leave it to Microsoft. I’m just curious as to whether I am the only one still waiting.

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  1. Jules Wombat

    Yep Just You :)

  2. TrevorL

    My wife's ASUS AIO hasn't received it yet, but yesterday she got the popup asking her to confirm privacy and/or security settings in preparation for the update. So maybe soon.

    No sign on Nuvision tablet.

  3. JimStinson

    HP Pavilion M1 Notebook.

    D/l'd the Creator update took 8 hours or so. Install went overnite about 12 hours because it still wasn't complete when I got up.

    When update complete, the computer updated never to run again. It completely wiped my HD. No boot sector. Took to Best Buy to let Geek Squad look at it. Clueless, but really no surprise there. They send EVERYTHING off because at the store, they can barely start a computer themselves.

    Pissed off...Slung laptop across Best Buy store...glad I didn't hit anybody.

    Bought new laptop.

    Will not allow updates to computer...made my internet connection a "Metered Connection".

    Any help out there? I am hating MS more and more every day. Someone find me a viable OS other than Windows!


    Jim Stinson

    MMCS/SS USN (ret)

    Moss Bluff, LA

  4. Darmok N Jalad

    The Wife's Lenovo laptop hasn't gotten it yet either. The way she uses it (never closing open applications, especially Firefox), background updates are never convenient. I admit, I rely heavily on WaaS to keep her PC running properly.

  5. MixedFarmer75

    June 10

    HP Envy AIO (2016) - No - I7 -12 gb ram

    HP Sceptre X360 (2017) - No - I5 -8 GB ram

    Lenovo Flex 2 (2014) - No - I7 - 8GB ram

    Dell XPS 9200 (2010) - No - I7 - 8 GB ram

    Forced the upgrade on my Surface 3 because I have nothing important on it.  Worked fine.  I am guessing it is because I am not American that the update has not rolled out.  We are still waiting on a full featured Cortana here in Canada.   My guess is they cannot figure out what language they speak in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Hopefully when Microsoft figures it out they tell rest of us.  ;)

  6. engellion

    SP3 here and still waiting.

  7. gvan

    I have 2 Dell Inspiron's that are both 1.5 years old. One is a cheap 11 inch with Pentium D and the other is a higher end 13 inch with Core I7. Strangely the cheap 11 inch Pentium D got the Creators Update a long time ago but the higher end 13 inch Core I7 still has not got the creators update. I have no idea why one PC got it and the other did not.

  8. irfaanwahid

    I have been using Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant tool, it instantly picks the newer version available and starts downloading.

  9. Lauren Glenn

    I installed it manually like I always do from a Microsoft ISO that I got off their site. I upgraded my work PCs and no issues.

  10. patsundwall

    The only computer I have it on is a laptop that I forced it on myself. The rest still waiting on my desktop and my laptop that I use daily.

  11. Tallin

    I got the update on a few computers at home starting weeks ago, but my SP3 still hasn't been updated. Considered just manually updating, but I think I'd like to see how long the rollout takes for me.

  12. jimchamplin

    I don't have a clue. I reinstall fresh from ISO every time a major update like that comes out.

    You can too!

  13. MutualCore

    Finally got it a couple of days ago, so far so good. I'm liking the Fluent Design on some of the updated apps like Alarms. I can see a bigger potential on touch surfaces rather than desktop, but it's good to see Microsoft putting in the eye candy.

    • irfaanwahid

      In reply to MutualCore:

      I noticed the FD in the updated Calculator app. Looks neat. Alarm in my opinion is the most useless app bundles with Windows.

      How does Alarm work only when Windows/PC is awake? It won't alert you when its in sleep mode. If I had to rely on the Windows Alarm app, I would be late to work every single day.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to MutualCore:

      Sad part is that many of those wonderful acrylic surfaces in the current versions of these apps become opaque and bland on a phone or in tablet mode. Anything where the wallpaper is meant to glow through disappears if it isn't the frontmost window in desktop mode.

  14. jimchamplin

    I suggest not doing an in-place install anyway. The clean install is always better. It eliminates any possible problems with old settings being carried over, registry crap, and just general spoopiness with files getting upgraded.

    What are you waiting for? Start your download today!

  15. rameshthanikodi

    Both my Haswell laptop and my brother's Ivy Bridge laptop got updated like 3 weeks ago.

  16. Geoff Wass

    Thank you all for your feedback and Paul for your timely article. Six weeks and 18%. They are older machines, with the youngest being the SP3. I could be waiting for a while yet.

  17. John Scott

    The only PC that got them in my house were done by myself and not automatically. I just got tired of waiting. Can't say any of them had a tick of issues with the update. Sadly my HP notebook had a hard drive failure at 6 months old and HP managed to install 1511 for some strange reason and couldn't come up with any newer version? Why is it a PC maker cannot burn a newer OS version then the original release on a repair?

  18. SvenJ

    Considering the posts today note that about 18% have received it at this point, don't feel special. You are not in a very exclusive group.

  19. evox81

    Just did a check around my office... All Dell and HP systems (mostly consumer models) from 2015/2016. None of them have been updated automatically at this point.

  20. Polycrastinator

    Received it pushed to my work PC within a week of release (HP ProDesk).

    Manually applied to my Surface Book, installation hosed less than 24 hours later, reinstalled (which put me back to 1607), 2 weeks later WU failed and I fixed that by manually applying to the SB.

    Home desktop is still waiting, wife's laptop is still waiting.

    • Polycrastinator

      In reply to Polycrastinator:

      FWIW my Surface Book has been buggy in terms of sleep/resume since I applied the Creator's Update to it. I know Brad has had issues with his Surface Book since he installed CU, although I believe it was pushed to his. So it feels like the update, while mostly stable, is still not fully ready for prime time.

  21. skane2600

    I don't really care about Creators update, but no, our 3 Windows 10 PCs haven't been updated yet.

  22. polloloco51

    I received the creators update on my Dell XPS 8500 (desktop), but still waiting for my 2015 Dell XPS carbon and Surface 3, which are both newer. I think it is unfortunate, the update is actually a full Windows over Windows upgrade, and not just a simple "update" that takes a few minutes.

  23. skane2600

    MS is bugging me to update (I assume Creator's). But I bit yesterday and after hours it got stuck at 90% and wouldn't budge. A forced update that can't succeed won't make me a happy camper. Any suggestions on getting past 90% or block the update?