Asus working on Dual screen device (possibly Andromeda OS)


So Linus uploaded a video regarding an Asus prototype with dual screens, with Asus saying it’s targetted for 2019, which seems to line up with the timelines for CoreOS and Andromeda.

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  1. Oasis

    Excellent concept...

  2. Lauren Glenn

    I don't see the appeal. Having an iPad in the past, I always wanted a real keyboard. It makes a difference to me. A touchscreen keyboard is far less accurate for me. If I hooked up a regular keyboard to it, then maybe.... but as with all my past tablet purchases, I always ended up buying a laptop just for the keyboard and touchpad. So while this may be cool, I don't see myself buying this .

  3. wright_is

    I nearly bought one of those about 5 years ago... Acer had a notebook with a normal screen and a touch-screen keyboard, which could also be used for other display purposes. I think it was one of the first Windows 8 devices on the market. But I decided to go with something with a real keyboard, as I do a lot of typing.

    If you are just watching videos, then using the onscreen keyboard on teh first screen makes sense. If you enter a lot of data, having a real keyboard makes sense.

    For something like video editing, where you can reconfigure the input area to display the correct shortcuts, I could see it being useful - although it would be of more use on a powerful desktop...


    Acer ICONIA

  4. jimchamplin

    Having a touch-only keyboard on a PC doesn’t sound like the best experience...

  5. Richard “Rich” Fenoglio, Jr.

    It would be cool if it has the ability to monitor typing precision and adapt the keyboard accordingly.