Avoid the 2019-08 cumulative update


The latest Windows 10 cumulative update borks searching and causes cortana to use a large amount of CPU in the background (hitting the Windows key and starting to type presents an empty grey box and finds nothing). The issue was apparently raised by Insiders but Microsoft have released it anyway. I encountered this on the weekend and had to roll the update back. Hopefully Microsoft pull it before it is pushed out to a wider audience and not just those unlucky sods like me who unwisely chose to ‘check for updates’.

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  1. lwetzel

    There were three 2019-08 Cumulative updates. One on the 13th and two on the 31st. Which one are you talking about. I see not issues and I have install all three. A little more detail?

  2. Lauren Glenn

    I ran into high CPU usage one day (from background processes like from msedge from Microsoft Internet Chrome Explorer -- ICE (Edgium) thing. I use a program called ShutUp10 from O&O that can disable Cortana. The system spends way too much time indexing searches for things I never, ever use. Indexing of searches is the most annoying thing. If I want to find something, I go to the CMD prompt and use dir *find* /s and find it that way. I wish they just made it so easy to turn all this bloated crap off I don't want to use.

  3. epguy40

    most of the problems with that 2019-08 KB4512941 update should be fixed in the 2019-10 KB4522355 update

    try installing KB4522355 to see if things got better, anderb