Blank tiles after 1803 update?


Anybody here experiencing blank tiles on their Start menu/screen after the 1803 update? I did, and at first there seemed to be no obvious way to correct the issue. But I just tried something … resizing them to something else (either larger or smaller), then resizing them again back to what they originally were. I rebooted, and it stuck. <crosses fingers>

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  1. Finley

    I've had that issue for a while now, possibly even since the anniversary update. Lately it only seems to happen when the start menu switches to full screen aka tablet mode.

  2. wright_is

    Interesting tip. I've not seen it yet, I've upgraded around 2 dozen PCs so far, but if it crops up, at least I have a quick way of getting them back.

  3. Lauren Glenn

    Wouldn't that indicate that there was a possible cache issue? I would hope that Microsoft has some command line app that they don't tell anyone about that can clear this type of thing.

  4. timo47

    I've had this in past on 1703 and 1709, usually after pushing the system to its limits in terms of memory usage. I resolve it by restarting the Windows Explorer process in Task Manager.

  5. ErichK

    Yeah I've only seen it happen on my desktop gaming rig, not my Asus 2-in-1.

    Edit: And it goes without saying it shouldn't happen at all. I did add some feedback regarding the issue.

  6. Lauren Glenn

    I found this:

    Seems like a simple fix to reset the cache if it works. Like many things in Windows, I would think you can clear this cache and it will just regenerate itself. I know Windows Update can be fixed by just clearing the DataStore folder in SoftwareDistribution, so maybe it's the same here.

  7. ErichK

    Pfft ... tiles are blank again.

    Might have to try that cache clearing trick below.

  8. ErichK

    Using that tip from alissa914 on that web page, seems to have worked.

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to ErichK:

      Excellent! I'm so glad it did. :)

      One thing I'm glad Microsoft is consistent in with its approach to things. There's always a cache somewhere.

      • ErichK

        In reply to alissa914:

        Temporarily, unfortunately. :-)

        Blank tiles are back. They come and go. Sometimes everything's fine, other times not.

        Not sure what's going on underneath to cause this to happen.

        • wright_is

          In reply to ErichK:

          This sounds like there is something wrong with the cache or your settings. Have you tried creating a new account and seeing if the problem persists there?

          I've now updated over 50 PCs and I've yet to see this problem, which makes me think that something with your account maybe the culprit.

  9. avencis

    I have a strange error that I haven't found any other information about, I'm having issues with opening certain applications, three in total now, that show just a pure white window, no objects are visible, no text visible and doesn't seem to interact either. I can move them around with the title bar, but nothing else.

    see: Bluestacks TextNow Photomath