Broken Cortana


I may have got this wrong, but what I am just about to say just worked in WP8, and just doesn’t work in W10/W10M.

I used to be able to track flights in Cortana, which gave me notifications at the airport on delays/gate numbers etc… Those notifications don’t work for me anymore – and to add, I thought Cortana was now able to take that information out of your email account – never worked for me.

Secondly, when going to an appointment/event – with all the details listed within the event, it doesn’t tell me when to leave, or the directions…

Cortana seems to be going backwards for me rather than forwards. (NOTE – I’m in the UK, so could this be a regional problem?)

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    Everything about WM10 including Cortana just seems more unreliable then WP8. I think I will clean install my phone before making a final judgement as I have had some preview builds on it although its on release preview.