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What is the best way to buy windows 10 these days when building a PC.  It seems that microsoft has elevated the price for people building their own pc in the US while they are seemingly giving it away to device makers.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Do you have a Windows 7 or 8 key? If so, enter that key when installing Windows 10 and you're good to go.

  2. cawfehman

    The best way, IMHO is to go with an OEM copy. Just beware of the limitations of getting that over a retail copy. Amazon currently has the Windows 10 home OEM for $93. it's for the disc and not the download, the download is still $120. why? who knows...

    There's also a few 3rd party sellers offering some incredible prices right now as well. But I can't recommend going that route. But if you're a gambling man. roll the dice on one of those deals.

    FWIW, I found a "repackaged" copy of windows 10 home USB at Target on clearance for $59. That's more lucky than anything, but it always helps to keep your eyes open and shop around.

  3. rameshthanikodi

    ^ This guy on Youtube explains how you can get Windows 10 for $20 from an online marketplace site based in Hong Kong, but you have to count your luck, because the site is riddled with fake listings, scammers, pirated/stolen keys, and whatnot. Reviews are mixed at best. But the dude in the video and some other people in the comments have had success with it so I guess it's worth a shot. If you're going to try it, at least use Paypal in case you run into a case of identity theft.

    Also, this guy on ebay....i'm not sure how this is even a thing, but the listing is saying over 8,000 has been sold and it's apparently all genuine Windows 10 keys for 3 pounds. Reviews seem to be good as well. Seems like a small price to gamble for, lol.

    Disclaimer: I did not personally buy anything from these places...just sharing what hearsay i've come across on the internet.

  4. jimchamplin

    Or you can just get the ISO and use a Windows 7 or 8 key. Y y'know... without paying any money.

  5. RobotRaccoon

    Many of the deeply discount keys you find for sale online are legitimate keys that were not originally intended for resale. You run the risk of the key getting banned by MS for violating the ToS. Finding a known retailer running a sale on an OEM copy is your safest route.

  6. Locust Infested Orchard Inc.

    No doubt we are all united in our condemnation against piracy and we stand together in defeating this unethical practice.

    If anyone is aware of anyone selling pirated Microsoft merchandise, do not hesitate to contact Microsoft at the following address,

    Piracy is a crime, and deserves to be punished under the fullest extent of the law.

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