Can I change my Microsoft Account



I have a hotmail account that my Microsoft hardware and software purchases are tied to.

I also have subscribed to O365 Business account (E3).

I am having issues with logging into O365 account.

For some reason, my hotmail accounts shows up as user name for O365 apps like MS Project.

Is there a way to move my purchased apps and hardware to my O365 account, in trying, Microsoft does not recongnize my O365 account as a Microsoft account.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Curtmcgirt

    does that help?

    I don't believe your O365 account counts as a "microsoft account." it's more like an Active Directory domain account.  if you have windows 10 Pro, i think you can "join" your computer to that domain, and then log in to your PC with that account. then you can link your Hotmail/microsoft account to that 'domain' account and have all your apps.

    did you purchase project and the rest of the Office apps through your o365 business subscription?

    in an office app, under file/office account/switch account, i'm able to add my 0365 business account and switch back and forth between it and my Hotmail accounts. 

  2. wunderbar

    You can't move purchased content from one microsoft account to another. Purchases are tied to the account they are purchased on.