Can I get rid of this Skye ‘virus’?


Just in case you’re wondering, I am using the word ‘virus’ loosely. I have multiple machines, 1 for work, which uses SfB, Skype for Business and my home machine and a side laptop (Surface Go, yes, I like it – as a side device). I notice this same occurrence on all machines. Skype is installed. I know. Duh. I don’t use Skype regularly. That is to say, maybe twice a year on the family / main pc. On all devices, in Task Manager, I continue to see Skype run in the background, including my work machine which uses SfB. I kill the process in Task Manager. I do not regularly turn off my machines, instead putting them in sleep mode. So, how is it for machines that don’t reboot, without me using the program – at all – that even after a couple of hours, if I go into Task Manager, I’ll see Skype back running?! Hence the ‘virus’ label. I kill the process and yet.. it comes back on its own. WHY?! Seriously, why?! How?!

I’m not even sure if it can be uninstalled. Like I said, I do use it – but very infrequently. It would be a nuisance to install it each time I decide to use it but, seriously Microsoft, why is Skype continually being resurrected after I kill the task? If Windows 10 is so efficient, why start services/programs that users don’t want started?

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  1. wright_is

    We have the same problem with Teams at work.

    We have Office 365, but Teams is disabled globally and for each user, yet it gets re-installed on every machine when it reboots! In the end we had to blacklist the installer in the AV software.

  2. evox81

    If those few MB of RAM are going to make or break you, you can uninstall Skype. (right click on the start menu and click uninstall)

  3. lvthunder

    Just go into the Skype settings and uncheck the start at startup box and see if that works.