Can reserve storage be disabled?


Is there a way to disable and delete the reserve storage that MSCT implemented in Win 10 this year?

I run LTSC 2019. Fresh install last week, I was shocked to find 7.1 GB of reserve storage, even though LTSC is based on 1809. (Last I heard, reserve storage took effect with 1903.)

I have a 119 GB SSD system disk. Space is not critical, since I have a larger spinning hdd for photos, music, etc. but I might install (X) Ubuntu for a dual boot someday. If so, the extra 7 GB would be nice to have back.

Here’s the tricky part: The registry edit to set Reserve Manager/Shipped With Reserves to 0 will not work….since there is no Reserve Manager entry in the Registry. Trust me, I looked long and hard.

What gives? Will all fresh installs of 1809 now include reserve storage, or is it just LTSC? Did MSFT eliminate the registry hack?

Seldom dull.

P.S. Pretty sure I will stick with LTSC now I have it activated. It’s just that good. But I and others have posted about that before.

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