Can you use Edge as your daily browser?


Anyone else using the 1709 version Edge on a regular basis? Took the dive last Friday and put my machine at work in the fast ring after having used a .vhdx image of 1709 (on the metal) for about a week.

After having used both a Hyper-V machine (running on the full hardware) and my actual OS, I can say that Edge may finally be there for me. I realized that yesterday when I launched Chrome and I hadn’t even signed into my Google account on it since last Friday.

I did find that when I tried to use, there was some functionality that didn’t work in Edge (on my laptop running 16299) and had to switch to Chrome to finish an email for my alumni group, but for the most part, it’s pretty solid.

I know Paul likes to dog Edge because he can’t make it fit to his workflow (pinning sites, running web apps borderless, etc.) and I’ve not used it because it didn’t work correctly often enough that it was too frustrating. More usage and testing will tell for sure, but early returns are encouraging me that it might be where it needs to be for my daily browser. Heck, the extensions are getting better, too.

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