Can you use Edge as your daily browser?


Anyone else using the 1709 version Edge on a regular basis? Took the dive last Friday and put my machine at work in the fast ring after having used a .vhdx image of 1709 (on the metal) for about a week.

After having used both a Hyper-V machine (running on the full hardware) and my actual OS, I can say that Edge may finally be there for me. I realized that yesterday when I launched Chrome and I hadn’t even signed into my Google account on it since last Friday.

I did find that when I tried to use, there was some functionality that didn’t work in Edge (on my laptop running 16299) and had to switch to Chrome to finish an email for my alumni group, but for the most part, it’s pretty solid.

I know Paul likes to dog Edge because he can’t make it fit to his workflow (pinning sites, running web apps borderless, etc.) and I’ve not used it because it didn’t work correctly often enough that it was too frustrating. More usage and testing will tell for sure, but early returns are encouraging me that it might be where it needs to be for my daily browser. Heck, the extensions are getting better, too.

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  1. Cdorf

    I've toyed with testing switching but the new Firefox 57 beta is pretty sweet.. I'd been testing it in the nightly builds. And for now aside from the pinned taskbar apps its pretty good

  2. ponsaelius

    I am using Edge now every day on my home devices and on my android phone. I would like it a bit better but it is now usuable and has a better memory footprint than Chrome. This could all change but since 17th October Edge has been my daily browser.

  3. Redbreva

    I do... very occasionally I need to fire up Chrome, but that's once or twice a week. I like the speed and UI of Edge, on my machine at keast, it is noticibly faster at page loads etc. than Chrome. (Firefox is even quicker on the occasions I use that, but I really don't like the UI), There was only ever one reason I didn't use Edge, and that was the lack of a RoboForm plugin... SInce that appeared, and I installed Adblock I have not looked back!

    Most of the reasons Paul gives for not being able to use it are things I have never done, can't think of a reason why I would do or in some cases did not even realise you could do... but still haven't fond a reason to do now that I do!! (know about them that is...)

  4. redstar92

    Yes. 2 things that are a bit of a problem. MixPanel for some reason does not show form fields (only in private mode), at airports its sometimes hard to get to the sign in page for boingo wireless and there are couple of other sites that act wonky but other than that its pretty darn good at this point.

  5. Riki Smith

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  6. MattHewitt

    When Edge can let you pin a webpage to the task bar properly like Chome allows, I'll give it another shot. Until then, it's a non-starter for me.

  7. VancouverNinja

    Totally. Using the iOS test version right now on my phone and love it and it is my browser on my PC.

  8. Luis Sohal

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  10. adkelkar

    Pinning a web page to Start Screen is functionally same as pinning it to Taskbar. The difference is taskbar can be accessed immediately but start screen requires additional step of getting to it by pressing Windows Key. However you can Pin an unlimited number of sites to the Start Screen. You can group them by category. Put them together in folders to save space etc.

    Considering the overall advantages of Edge e.g. Reading View etc. Why is inability to pin websites to Taskbar is such an important issue?

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to adkelkar:

      Other browsers have reader mode extensions, just not built in. For people who don't use that functionality, why should they accept it at a cost of system resources?

      If Edge were so good, why do fewer than 1 in 5 Windows 10 users use it?

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  13. harmjr

    I quit all the fast, slow or ring pop rings :) a long time ago dont like having a feature and then losing it in production especially when I promoted it.

    That being said I continually swap from chrome to edge in the Spring Creators Update 1703. I like reading on Edge and the ease of the reading mode they have. I dont really use many of the extension Paul brings up ad blocker and video play blocker. Maybe I need too.. My biggest hang up is going from device to device so the news about Edge coming to chrome is exciting I am hoping they too will have a reading mode. I am hoping they build it for Android 4 Kitkat version as I most of my devices are no longer supported. To me chrome's UI on mobile is just not user friendly. My only dislike on Chrome is mobile if they would fix its UI I might not have any issues. I dont care about what engine it runs on as long as its UI works and my favorites, history and passwords are synced between devices.

  14. Delmont

    Yes, it is very fast and solid. Not sure why others are saying it crashes or is slow to open. I'd look at the state of your PC/Windows. Edge is fine now days. Time to move on past the petty browser arguments.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to Delmont:

      I just did a few trials opening Edge and Firefox 56 to Google Maps. Edge averaged 6 seconds, Firefox 3 seconds. Not particularly meaningful, but for me Edge isn't fastest opening. It's not slow, just not fastest.

  15. bobrowe

    EDGE at home, IE at Work, Chrome where needed

  16. Louis Brauer

    Since I discovered the 1Password extension for Edge it's my daily browser.

  17. ecumenical

    I'm weird and use multiple browsers at all times. They each have different features. For my Google accounts and Google Maps I use Chrome - maps doesn't work entirely properly in Edge. And I use Firefox on mobile and desktop because I try to keep Chrome use to the minimum necessary.

    With LastPass and uBlock for Edge I've come to use it for general news browsing (1703). So, I use it daily, even if it's not my "daily browser." It's fine. It still has the most weird crashes and hangs but this has been greatly reduced over time. I love the ability to set aside tabs natively. I wish it synced to a mobile version. And I would love to see them blatantly copy the new multiple personality feature in Firefox.

    I'd be happy to use Edge to replace Firefox entirely as my "non-Chrome" browser if it had those two features. But I can't really seeing myself not using Chrome at all given how much Google stuff I'm tied into (some voluntarily, some work, and some like Maps where they simply have the best product).

    • jbinaz

      I have found that 1709 is more stable than 1703. Seems to work better with more sites as well. And it would be great to see it in a mobile version, cross-platform.

      One other thing I'd like to see it do is auto-install plugins on a new machine once I log into it. Right now it seems like I have to find and install plugins I've already installed in Edge on other machines. It should just happen automatically like it does when I sign into Chrome. And I believe Edge still requires you to turn on an extension after I install it. If I installed it, I want it turned on; that seems pretty obvious to me.

  18. hrlngrv

    Purely for aesthetics I prefer Firefox. Unfortunately, that's going to change by next June as ESR reaches a successor to FF57.

    I use Linux as much as I use Windows, and I want to use the same browser on both, so that means I don't use Edge (or IE).

  19. WP7Mango

    I do use Edge as my daily browser.

  20. johnlavey

    I never thought I would use a Microsoft product to browse on a daily basis (Internet Explorer was never a favorite of mine). But that's exactly what I am doing. I was having trouble with Chrome and although Firefox was installed, I went over to Edge. I am happy with it and it does everything for which I use a browser. Good work Microsoft!

  21. wunderbar

    the UI of edge is just too slow. even in 1709 i find I click a browser UI element.......... and then something happens. Whereas in chrome, firefox, Opera, etc, I click a UI element and something comes up immediately.

    It's just that tiny bit of lag in every single interaction that kills the experience with me.

  22. Jason Honingford

    All the ads and notifications turned me off of Edge big time. When I need to use IE for testing, it's up there replacing the "new tab" button to make me open it accidentally. Also, I need Silverlight. We actually have customers using Silverlight as well.

  23. slerched

    I try.

    Doesn't usually work so well.

    I use Edge whenever possible to get the MS rewards stuff. Often I just leave my desktop on with a full screen YouTube in Edge when I'm not actively using the machine to hit the usage limit as quickly as possible.

    I actually find myself using the new FireFox developer version over Edge, Chrome, or IE. I just had to write IE there. Can't think of the last time I opened it for something that wasn't a legacy page on our Intranet.

    I've also dipped my toe into Opera, which is actually pretty solid. Quick, easy to use, built in ad blocking, and nice layout. Built from Chromium, but a pretty nice departure from what Google is doing with Chrome itself.

    Wonky LastPass support in Edge was a deal breaker, but even that is fixed.

    I guess I just use whatever browser I feel like using a the time. I have this posting in Opera, but have Edge open browsing other pages.

    I guess I just use everything.

  24. Patrick3D

    I use Edge at work as my default browser but find it frustratingly slow to open. Once it is open the performance is fine. The UI continues to confuse me, none of the buttons make sense to me and the Settings menu is a sad joke of usability. The large forehead of the browser is also annoying in comparison to the compact one found in most other browsers, but that's a gripe I have with everything in Windows 10. The lack of ActiveX support is a problem at work though as our data management system is not fully converted to HTML5 yet. As a result we have to fall back on IE11 for quite a few sites both internally and externally. That is more a problem with vendors and slow corporate up-take of modern technology.

    For my personal life there is no way that I could ever get by with Edge. I rely far too much on Chrome's forms and login info storage/syncing. Not to mention Chrome Remote Desktop and 7 extensions, none of which are available for Edge.

  25. gregsedwards

    All of my hang-ups with Edge have much more to do with sites that are designed such they're optimized for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. That's something no web developer worth a damn should be doing, BTW. You detect features, not browsers, and then code accordingly. Our enterprise uses Okta for identity management, and I've noticed that while SSO plays nicely with Edge, their credential manager requires a plug-in that isn't available for Edge. I've reached out to Okta repeatedly, but still no extension. The other big issue for me is Box for Office, which allows us to open documents from Box on the web directly into Office apps. It works with every other browser (even IE), but not Edge. Other than those minor annoyances, I use Edge as my only browser and absolutely love it.

  26. Adlton

    Not really, for several reasons.

    First is UI (i just do not like it). Few things that Paul complains about: slow opening of right click menus, clipboard bugs and inability to open web apps without browser chrome or pin them.

    Also, I use other OSes beside Windows 10 and I want to be able to sync my browser preference and data. Edge being only on Windows 10, fails at that.

    • VancouverNinja

      In reply to Adlton:

      Right click menu drop downs in Edge are instant for me...

      • PhilipVasta

        In reply to VancouverNinja:

        Same here. I have never, ever understood this complaint that Paul has. Maybe it's a bug that his context menu opens abnormally slowly, but I doubt it. I suspect he (and others apparently) is just really sensitive to the time it takes the menu to animate in, but seriously, it's milliseconds. You see this kind of polish and attention to detail in Apple products, which is in large part the reason people love them so much. They just feel good to use, even if the average person can't quite put their finger on why. I know I'm getting off on a tangent here, but this inconsistent, unpolished UX stuff is one of my biggest criticisms of Windows since Windows 10 came out. Say what you will about the Jekyll and Hyde nature of Windows 8, but the modern half of that OS was generally very consistent, well thought out, and purposefully designed. Windows 10 still feels half-baked, even after more than 2 years on general availability. Sorry, rant finished.

  27. ErichK

    Wow, I just looked at the list of extensions for Edge now, and it's nice that it's grown.

    I use Edge ... but in conjunction with Chrome and Firefox.

    Chrome, because I find it fits so seamlessly with Google's services.

    Firefox, because I find it to be the most reliable with sync.

    And I fire up Edge when I feel like using it and there's no pressing reason to use one of the other two.

  28. rlcronin

    The thing I ask myself is, why bother? I've got no particular problem with Chrome. Although I have to admit, I was curious, sol I did try once or twice to import everything from Chrome as if I was going to switch, but in the end I gave up because there was always something that irked me about it. I have no plans to try again.

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