Cannot upgrade – Windows updates – Store apps


I know this has been discussed before because there is no way it wasn’t but after several searches I am not finding anything so please accept my apology if this is a re-peat-post.

I have had the issue where you cannot upgrade for some time.  Due to hospitalization, loss of work and finally returning I have not had time to address this for well over a year.

I am having the issue where not only won’t Windows upgrade anymore (installs, fails, reboots, reverts back) but I also cannot install Windows updates or anything from the store.  I have tried many things I have looked up online and nothing has worked.  Microsoft appears to ignore every forum tread or blog comment asking about it.  I am VERY hesitant to reload Windows at this time and seriously have issues believing that it cannot just be fixed somehow?  Does anyone have the magic answer to this riddle?  Something tells me that the fix has been used by many and my search-foo is lacking.

Any help is appreciated.  I’m open to hear it all, even a reload if that is easier but I am sick of wiping out all of my dang settings fixing MS OS issues.  Hopes are that I can repair vs reload.

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