Chaseable tiles?


Does anyone know what happened to the “Chaseable TIles” feature that was promoted in 2016 as an upcoming feature of Windows 10?

This feature would have allowed you to click on a Start tile that was showing particular content and jump directly to that content (i.e. jump directly to the news story showing on your News tile, rather than just to the base News app).

Through web search, I can find multiple mentions of this feature (including on through mid-late 2016 but then all discussion seems to have stopped. I can barely find anything in 2017.

As far as I can tell, it was never implemented in Windows 10.


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  1. Rong Kang Chew

    This is indeed available since the anniversary update. But for the limited number of apps (like MSN news) that have designed their app to have chaseable tiles, the effect is usually subtle as they will not directly navigate you to the content that you clicked on, maybe only highlight it or bring it to the top for easy navigation.

    The reason is simple - as an app developer, I wouldn't know if your intention when clicking on my tile was to just open the app, or if you really wanted to get to the content it was displaying on the tile. Navigating you directly to the content has a high chance of being a mistake and annoyance.

    See this for more (developer) information:

  2. unfalln

    Like I said at the time, this feature went the same direction as App Deep-linking and the Social Extensibility Framework.

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