"Cloud Books" ,VR and push into classrooms


Paul has talked about the potential of VR headsets in the classroom and cost was one of the potential sticking points. I wanted to mention that the district that my kids go to has purchased several Google Expeditions kits that come in groups of 10, 20, or 30 and the cost avg out to be between $333 and $399 each depending on the package. The package is basically a Viewmaster VR headset, Android phone, router and an Android tablet for the teacher.

At this price point I think there is the potential and the money there for one of Microsoft’s partners VR headsets if they’d be able to run at some level on a “Cloud Book”(just need to compete with the experience that classrooms currently get from a midrange phone). I think this could ultimately give a better experience than the google offering.

I’m not sure if it would be possible, but if Microsoft gave Windows Cloud OS to schools for free, could some Chromebooks possible be upgraded to it? Chromebooks have a large share of education right now and it might be difficult to make much headway with all of the hardware that schools have already purchased. My district at least buys new Chromebooks every few year for high school and then pushs the older ones down to Junior High, and then elementary. They probably don’t want to end up in a place where the high schools have Cloudbooks, and the Junior High and elementary have something different.

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