Complaining about Chrome


Starting a few months ago, Windows now complains every time I launch Chrome — telling me how much more than Edge it eats battery power. It does this in VMs and laptops, but thankfully not what it recognizes as a “normal” desktop.

My problem is there’s no checkbox for “Don’t tell me this again.” like they usually provide. So is there some other way to get Windows to permanently stop complaining about Chrome?

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  1. Wizzwith

    I don't know, but while we're on the topic... Every time I go to using Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, or Edge, there's a banner ad or pop up telling me I should switch to Chrome cause it's the faster browser, or a message about switching my default search engine to google, with no apparent way to turn it off. Anyway to turn that off?

  2. anchovylover

    If it only happens when you launch Chrome is it really that much of an issue? However, if it happens while you're actually using Chrome then I agree that is a problem.

  3. jimchamplin

    You say it happens every time your open Chrome?

    Then don't open Chrome.

  4. rameshthanikodi

    got a screenshot? and what build is this on?