Creators Update


A dialog appeared asking about privacy settings.  Then I checked windows update 10 minutes later and CU is downloading as we speak. I did nothing manually to kickoff the CU update (or the dialog that appeared).  Currently downloading 47%

Surface Pro 4.


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  1. ErichK

    I'm hoping I don't have to wait too long to get it.

  2. Patrick3D

    I ran through Windows updates on 2 computers at home, the privacy settings notification came through as an update but the Creators Update has not come through yet. It appears that Microsoft wants people to review the privacy settings before the CU will appear? At work there was no privacy notification, the update installed right away. My conclusion is that if a computer is joined to a domain then it does not get the privacy notification, Microsoft probably expects that to be handled by the company, but on standalone computers (or computers in a workgroup) the privacy notification is mandatory.

    • Wolf

      In reply to Patrick3D:

      The same happened to me. But as soon as I configured and accepted the Privacy dialogue, it found the CU and started downloading. Apparently the Privacy bit is a prerequisite.

  3. Polycrastinator

    I just forced the update on my Surface Book. I have to say, a few scary messages during the update process: it ran what initially looked like a chkdsk (but I think it was just rewriting the boot sector, I presume repointing at the new Windows Install), and flashed up "attempting to recover Windows Installation," or similar at one point. Were I a normal user I'd have been pretty freaked out by that stuff, but it seems to have actually installed without issue.

  4. NateHam

    Two attempts to install the Update. Two times my computer freezes up. Lucky both times computer was able to recover itself. Don't think I'll try again right now.