Different day same shit.


After a clean install last week of Insiders build, because of the same problems. I’m now on 17127.1.

I just reinstalled it again today.

Now I’m getting a popup that says my version of the insiders is expired. It expired on 7/2/18.

There’s no updates.

This is from the ISO that I downloaded last week. Which was the latest one. Which will only be 1 or 2 updates behind.

It is telling me there are no updates.

I tried downloading it today, it says: Last failed install attempt on ‎7/‎8/‎2018 – 0x80246007

They want people to test the OS, but gives people problems.

Why are they putting an OS online that expires in 1 or 2 days.

So where can I manually download 17711 manually?

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  1. Lordbaal

    Even if I go to download the latest insiders, it will still be 17127. Which is the one I have installed. But it already expired last week.

  2. skane2600

    Unfortunate, but in a way an self-inflected problem. It might be better for everybody if there were no Insider program and Microsoft had to pay people to do their testing for them. The result would probably be more people with jobs and a higher qualify product.

  3. Tony Barrett

    This is why Insiders are just leaving the system, especially the fast ring. It's just too painful, time consuming and ultimately pointless. There are better things to do in life that act as Microsoft's bi*ch.

  4. StevenLayton

    I first throught about a jokey response about "life in the fast lane" and "you know what you're getting into with Beta software", but you're right the problem is that Microsoft should be making it easier to get up and running with insider builds.

    I don't think you can complain if an insider build is buggy and crashes on you. But I think its easier to justify complaining about not been able to install the builds from a downloaded ISO, given the more likely need to blow away a machine when testing.

  5. Lordbaal

    I just realized last night that the downloads are only good for 24 hours. The downloads shouldn't expire.

    For me, downloading it is no problem. I can do it in 5 minutes. But other people downloads can take hours.

  6. Lordbaal

    Even though I downloaded the ISO today. It still telling me that this expired on 7/2/18.

    The latest ISO they have is 17127. This is the second time that I have download it and it was already expired.

    Why are they giving me an expired version to install?