Disabling integrated web search in Win 10 20.04


For those not aware, Microsoft sends all your desktop start menu search queries to their servers (because privacy). In Windows 10 20.04 there is no obvious way to opt out of this in the UI and the old registry-setting tweak to disable web search no longer works.

One way that does appear to work is to block the Windows Search app at the firewall level as illustrated in the following screenshot:

If anyone finds a better approach, please let me know.

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10 responses to “Disabling integrated web search in Win 10 20.04”

  1. sherlockholmes

    Thank God I never use Windows Search. Because I know where I store my mp3s, pics and documents. Does really anyone use Windows Search?

  2. StevenLayton

    Genuine question, whats the harm with Microsoft knowing I opened Word, Excel, Steam and Chrome today? I feel like I'm missing something.

  3. robinwilson16

    Thanks for the useful tip. It can be quite a pain when you are trying to run a program on your PC and it either doesn't find it or you misspell so end up doing a web search instead.

  4. Alastair Cooper

    You can still do it on Enterprise using Group Policy.

    That's not good enough though. It should be possible to disable it in every edition. If it were possible to customise the search provider I might even consider using it, though I guess that would defeat Microsoft's purpose in driving traffic to Bing.