Does windows 10s go far enough for the consumer market?


Listening to Paul and brads discussions around chromebooks and the future of computing I had a thought that perhaps windows 10s doesn’t go far enough for the consumer market. But I don’t think it’s the apps that Microsoft should lock down – I do think that chrome and other verified apps should be allowed, this post isn’t about that.

I Think the areas of windows that should be locked down and potentially removed are the 90% of windows features that consumers don’t need.

For example just today I noticed my microphone on my surface pro had stopped working,it turned out to be a driver issue as a result of an update. In the end I had to download a surface tool to fix the issue and I thought to my self why? This never happens on an iPad and I assume chromebooks? I want a stable operating system especially on the OS manufactures own hardware. And that’s the thing that once you go to a simpler system you’ll never come back to windows. its the same argument for console gaming over of gaming, I don’t want to tinker or have the opportunity to mess things up, I just want to use the device as a tool. That’s what chromebook is.

Microsoft could make make a super stripped down version of windows, same shell single driver options that they verify.its crazy that on surface there are multiple driver options for audio, why? and why should I deal with it? There are computing options out there now where I wouldn’t encounter these issues- Microsoft has to match this and windows 10 pro will never be able to without gutting the system.

They can still offer windows 10 pro for those who need it. I think this is the only way they can compete with chromebooks.unfortunately because of my work I need windows pro and will be stuck with it for at least a decade but if I could I’d switch.

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