Does Windows Live Photo Gallery work in Windows 11?


Has anyone tried installing WLPG in Win 11 yet? I’m a holdout still using WLPG to manage my photo library and curious if I should start looking for a replacement.


Also, does the legacy Windows Photo Viewer still work in Win 11 with the registry hack? I much prefer WPV to the Photos app in Win 10.



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  1. darkgrayknight

    Is there a good way to download/install WLPG? I tried getting it running after a building a new computer for my dad, but did not find a way to get it installed. It would be nice if they released Windows Live Photo Gallery as open source.

    • scoop

      I downloaded it from Major Geeks, as part of the Windows Essentials suite. At a quick glance it appears to still be there. But I have no idea if it works on Windows 11.

  2. dan1986ist

    As one who also uses and prefers Windows Photo Viewer instead of Photos app, I'm wondering that myself in regards to Windows 11.

  3. javial

    Yes for all. Its run the same as in Windows 10 both applications.

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