I am not happy with the progress on Edge.  Why is Edge still so tied to the OS? I feel like it is not getting updated at the right pace because of that.  I like the fact that more and more features are getting added (including adons) but at the core I feel the browser still has the most of the same issues it had when it launched:
– Sometimes I am not able to close the browser (x button does not do anything)

– Starts to chocke after more than a couple of tabs are opened

– Most pages are slow to scroll, generally feels sluggish

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    What build are you on? PC spec? Not seeing these issues on my either my PC or tablet 14936 builds. >5 tabs open, no problems. Have you done a clean install recently?

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    I am on 14393 RTM version of RS1 on a clean install.

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    I think technically Edge is as tied into the OS as IE is/was. I doubt they are able to make it a standalone app so that it could be updated on its own. I agree that it isn't updated at the right pace because of that. :-(

    As for the three problems described, I never had one of them. Especially the scrolling is the best of all browsers out there imho.

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    I have the same issues, especially on my surface book with the 2 monitors + 1 SB Screen.

    Edge lags hard when trying to drag tabs around or open new windows off a tab drag. It scrolls incredibly slow sometimes, and the auto playing video ads are driving me insane.

    I tried it for as my main browser for a month after the anniversary update and had to finally go back to Chrome.

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    I think it's going to be very difficult to catch other browser feature wise if they do not decouple it form OS. And if they are not going to do frequent updates to catch all the missing features they could stick to IE just well. If they were able to make extensions for IE 12 we wouldn't lost too much. For now there is a lot of things it and small that,are nit that,great - death by thousand paper cuts.

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    I have those issues too. But it's more hardware wise, cause I have a core 2 duo e5400, 4GB ram, with an nvidia 9400GT.

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    I haven't seen the problem with multiple tabs, but at least on my Surface Pro 3 the scrolling behavior has recently changed.  When I scroll with touch it seems to try to emulate some form of page up/down behavior where is snaps to a different section does anyone know if there is some way to shut this off?  I confirmed Chrome doesn't show this problem.

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      In reply to naven87:

      I think it's an issue with the 14936 build. I have it to. There have been a few reports of the erratic scrolling in Edge in the feedback hub.

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    I quite like edge, but its still a long way off Google Chrome and my default browser firefox.
    Yes edge has addons, but still only a handful.
    Hate the way that Cortana forces Bing for its search through Edge (I really like Cortana but this use is just frustrating), just do not want to use Bing and for the Uk Bing is just a hopeless search engine experience.
    Edge needs a lot more customization and addons soon, as people will all just go and grab their favourite browser.
    I would have expected anyway, that the majority of those that upgraded from Win 7/8/8.1 would have carried on using the browser they had installed form there.

    The problem with Edge is more MS are just so slow at getting into their app world for their own OS, still a poor show for apps in the app store and a very poor addons show for edge.
    When MS themselves make apps, they are great, like all the office apps on iOS, Android and the apps for office on W10.  But they are not encouraging the developers it seems to write apps or addons for edge and store apps, the longer that goes on, the less appeal and the less users will use edge and apps and just stick with W10 as a desktop pc OS.

    The one thing that many love about a desktop pc OS is the customization and personalisation, but restricting it to cortana bing searches and the like, just annoys people and they move on to something else.

    Hear the argument so often form people, 'I want to stay on W7 as MS are restricting it or forcing this on us'.
    Im ignoring the privacy comments around that as thats just the press making more of that case and the majotiy user do not really care or are careful and undertand the modern world. It is the way now, get used to it.
    But forcing particular services forced on you is not the way to go. Its just sad cringy profit...

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    Being a daily Edge user, I have many issues with Edge, but slow scrolling is not one of them, and it's only gotten better with the AU. Maybe upgrading the Intel HD graphics driver helped, but I can't be sure. Smooth, buttery scrolling and video performance is literally the biggest reason why I use Edge. I'm on 4GB of RAM and I have 12 tabs open and it's doing fine. It chokes when my PC is out of memory, like when a page has a memory leak or just a heavy webpage, using up all my RAM, and when I switch tabs, the other tabs have been paged out, and at this point, the browser freezes.

    I do agree about the update process. Microsoft has made a huge mistake IMO. The browser should have never been tied to the OS. I thought the whole point of Edge was to not be like IE, but of course, it doesn't look like Microsoft has learnt their lesson.