Edge and 1809 issues


Although I can’t prove it’s related to 1809, ever since I installed it I am getting regular issues with Edge where the network connectivity just stops responding (“Waiting for response…”. It will work fine for some time and then new tabs can’t find their hosts, etc.

Starting up Chrome in parallel works fine – it’s not a network issue. I have to shut down all of my Edge tabs and relaunch Edge to get it to come back.

I like to try and use Edge as much as possible, but they are making it harder and harder with this kind of thing – and I know there’s no chance of it being fixed until 19H1…

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  1. Tony Barrett

    Not a very helpful comment I know, but you're a beta tester just like everyone else running Win10. MS don't have to make anything work 100% when it's delivered 'as a service', and while that may be an solution for them, for the consumer, it's not good, as your finding out. Yes, whatever comes in 19H1 may fix it, but on the other hand, it will almost certainly introduce more issues.

    • mattbg

      In reply to ghostrider:

      Seriously - I am getting tired of it. Since Windows 10 came out, on multiple PCs over multiple iterations of Windows 10, the Start menu occasionally fails to respond to typing for search. You can fix it by going and killing a process and in later Win10 releases they seem to have made this process self-recycle when it dies... sometimes. But why not just fix it as a priority?

      I have Word installed on my PC via Office 365 but today when I type "Word" into Start, all I get is WordPad despite there being a Word icon right on my Start menu.

      I recognize this type of work ethic from what I see where I work - it's people that are just putting in time at the office and don't care about the end result nor do they seem to be able to learn or aspire to higher quality products they use every day in their personal lives. There'll be senior people who can put a nice veneer on what's going on and probably don't realize how good or bad things actually are, but the result speaks for itself.

  2. bbold

    The problem I'm having with Edge since updating (and before that) is that the icons on Favorites disappears on the toolbar after awhile. Closing Edge fixes it, but it also wipes all my tabs. Also, when I download a picture, Edge freezes when I click "Save as..." Anyone else having these issues and how do I resolve them? (And no, I don't want to change browsers.)

  3. wright_is

    I've had this problem on-and-off since WIndows 10s release. Often it came a few weeks before the next update came out and after the update it suddenly started working again.

    In the end, I just switched back to Firefox.

  4. madthinus

    Edge seems broken in 1809. It requires a reset of the app to get it to work again, but I find it only works for a little while before you have to redo it.

  5. mattbg

    Turns out this may actually have been related to a recent Nvidia GeForce driver (417.01) that was somehow related to a background (invisible) crash of MicrosoftEdgeSH on certain sites (eBay and YouTube were two that triggered it reliably).

    So, maybe I should fault Nvidia for this... but it's not good that Edge was the only browser affected and that it crashed silently and materialized as a possible network issue and a partially-responsive browser.

    What happened to tab isolation and all those features that were supposed to isolate crashes to the process they occurred in?

    The issue is gone for now by upgrading to GeForce driver 417.22.

  6. dcdevito

    They should get rid of it...oh wait.