Edge – major flaw


I somehow stumbled across a “bad” website that is putting up a fake malware warning, and stopping me getting to any other tab on Edge.

I crashed Edge deliberately, but when it restarts, it automatically reopens the tabs, including the one which caused the problem.

This is a BIG design flaw.  Chrome lets you restore your tabs if you choose – but you can elect not to.

How could they screw this up so badly?

This web post sums it all up nicely – https://blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/2015/09/regaining-control-over-edge/

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  1. 9528

    Open Edge and immediately use Ctrl-T to open new tab ... but you have to be quick!

  2. 1377

    Maybe disable networking before restarting Edge. If last session's tabs can't reload, you could close them before re-enabling networking.

    Won't help if Edge caches its active tabs.


    I read the linked article, and Edge does cache tabs. Not easy to clear the cache without running Edge.

    This comes from doing a partial job of reinventing the wheel. Being able to access IE settings from Control Panel turns out to be a pretty good idea. Pity Settings has nothing similar for Edge.

  3. 1321

    Does it have the pop up window in the middle of the screen? If so click the check box that says don't let this web page generate new messages.

  4. 180

    I was trying to find a workaround, but yeah, doesn't seem like there is one.

  5. 2233

    Another point of why I always go back to Chrome.  I truly feel like Microsoft should have rolled with IE until Edge was ready and a completely separate app.  Hell, if they had just used Webkit, they could of at least had a cross platform push.

    You have to really care about Microsoft to keep trying to use Edge and there aren't enough of 'us' to support this browser.

    • 1377

      In reply to ChristopherCollins:

      . . . You have to really care about Microsoft to keep trying to use Edge . . .

      Dunno. Masochism could be another reason for Edge users.

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      In reply to ChristopherCollins:
      While I agree that Edge has its issues, there are still some advantages in using it. Text rendering in HiDPI displays is still better than on Chrome, or any other browser.
      Edge has also a clean look which personally I like a lot. After completely uninstalling the Adblock extension and disabling flash, I can say that I almost never experience any issues with Edge. The good thing is that it can only get better. So for me, Edge is my preferred browser and Chrome my number 2 choice.

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