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Well, just looked at the Edge browser memory level from Task Manager. Boy, that browser maybe good on battery but that thing eats up memory like no tomorow.

Only have Thurrot.com / Neowin / Youtube and 2-3 extensions and I get to 1gb of ram just for Edge.

Compared to other browsers like Chrome / Opera and Firefox, Edge is a memory monster 🙂

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  1. wright_is

    How long was Edge open? I have Thurrott, Feedly, El Reg and a private forum open and Firefox is using 1,4GB RAM, but it has been open for 2 weeks. If I close it and open it again, with the same tabs, it will use under 500MB. They all expand over time, they reserve caches of memory for sites and keep some stuff in memory, for sites that are regularly re-loaded.

  2. SWCetacean

    On my machine (desktop running Windows Insider preview 17101), Edge with Thurrott.com, Neowin, and Youtube open, plus extensions Ublock Origin and Microsoft Rewards, uses 585 MB of RAM. This is after a fresh start. When I had the same websites and extensions open after previously browsing Reddit, the memory usage was 630 MB. Edge does hang on to memory after tabs have been closed. Not quite sure what would cause it to go up to 1 GB. Maybe many previously-closed tabs?

    Also, memory usage increased to ~592 MB after posting this comment.

    • PanamaVet

      In reply to SWCetacean:

      My resource usage looks similar to yours. What is really important about memory? I want speed from it and I want it to reduce drive wear. The important question is how Edge behaves when competing with other processes for resources.

      If I am just browsing I want it to make heavy use of memory. If I start a Skype session it should strike a balance. How well that balance is managed is what I care about, not some arbitrary memory resource valuation.

      So the question is, if Edge is using over a gigabyte of RAM is it bogging down the system? Does it step out of the way when resources get tight?

      I use Edge and FireFox enjoying both without a problem.

  3. arunphilip

    I've seen that closed tabs don't free up memory in Edge (not sure if other browsers behave similarly). So, if you have an intensive browsing session with tens of tabs, and then close them all down to a single blank tab, you'd still be using hundreds of MB or a GB of RAM, as opposed to a freshly opened browser instance with the same one tab.

    While that doesn't look very impressive, its more nuanced than that. We don't know how Edge behaves when tabs are reopened, or whether it frees up this memory when there's memory pressure on the system. So, we can conclude that it does use up RAM, but whether that's a bad thing, and whether Edge denies the RAM to other apps that needs it is something that we cannot say without testing.

    • Mike Cramer

      In reply to arunphilip:

      I agree. Part of the problem is that until recently we depended on how Windows reported RAM. The totals weren't very helpful, or even realistic in real-time.

      Happily, nowadays you can see it happen in Task Manager (in recent Insider builds, at least; I can't recall how it behaved in the Fall release) is now pretty granular. It allows you to see the RAM/CPU/Disk/Network/GPU use for each tab in Edge and the various processes, including Extensions.

      Watching usage is instructive. I just closed a tab, and Windows did release the reported RAM and deducted it from the total, but the total quickly climbed up again as I used this tab. The amount is dependent on the resources required to display the current tab, especially Extensions.

      For example, in the last few minutes, while using this site, I've seen my Extension RAM usage climb from 250MB to 300MB. That increase is more than I gained from closing a tab (as mentioned above). If I didn't have a granular view via Task Manager, I could wrongly claim that "Darn, closing tabs in Edge increases RAM usage." The truth, as you indicated, is much more nuanced than that.

  4. Tim

    To be fair, I notice that if I have FireFox open for an extended period of time it can grow to be pretty bad.

  5. Tedzio Gibonni

    Remember that task manager shows reserved and not memory that is in active use. Memory usage is a bit more nuanced then 1980's 'free' and 'used'.

    Modern OS has many tricks to store stuff that might be used later, and RAM unallocated is effectively memory wasted - a bit like being able to make free bets for some performance boost in the future. Edge certainly uses buffers and caches to improve performance when it can.

  6. rameshthanikodi

    yup. I have found edge to use an obnoxious amount of memory ever since the anniversary update. I mean, it's a nice and speedy browser, but I have more than 5 tabs quite often, and that means a lot of chokes.

  7. Roger Ramjet

    I am seeing the same issue on Edge, noticed it only recently. At this moment I am using 49% of my memory (16GB RAM), and Edge is far and away the biggest at 2.7GB. The next worst thing is less than a tenth of that. I have just 11 tabs of open, nothing fancy, news and shopping websites, all of them opened just in the last few hours. I cringe to think if all this were happening on the computer I had until December 31st. An old Pentium job with 4GB RAM. The thing I want to jump at as the reason would be meltdown and spectre hardening updates ("they told ya, your computer would slow ..."), but just wild speculation. I know zilch about that sort of thing.

  8. John Scott

    Yep, definitely seeing a lot of RAM use with Edge lately. It's not a browser for devices short on RAM, that's for sure. I don't have any extensions installed either. Maybe related to Meltdown/Spectre fixes?