Edge now crashes evrytime under Creators Update


My [self built] desktop machine recognised the CU update last Saturday, all seemed to be OK, reasonably seamless, and fairly robust update. No apparent problems for a week.

Now a week later Edge opens, but crashes every time. Reboot no effect. Google search suggest a some other users also having problems with Edge since CU update. The suggested fix, being to creatte and use a new Microsoft Account. Seriously ? Also Cortana has stopped recognising my Profile, and the OneDrive App crashes on startup with a Qt error… Great ! < Not as if I am on any RS3 fast Ring >

Edge and Cortana working OK on my SP4 device with CU updated [So far anyway]

I guess this problem is only me and a few others. So we are stuck with this broken situation, as User Feedback, offers no support. So much for Insiders Preview, or any Microsoft Quality testing. I guess because No One actually uses Edge. So why does Microsoft ‘recommend swapping to Edge’, if it now less stable than before, keeps crashing. Edge is a major embarassment, which I thought they would have sorted in Creators Update. I guess I have to wait for Redstone 3, as Microsoft only seem capable of updating their browser, with an OS updates !

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  1. rameshthanikodi

    Let me guess, you edited your post?

  2. TechnologyTemperance

    No one likes this answer (as it isn't an answer), but a week ago I gave up on Edge and moved to Chrome (and I've been an IE user for over decade before that). The random system initiated page-reloads, issues with embedded media wore me down. The fact that many of MSFT's own web pages render more reliably in it was the dagger for me. No regrets.

  3. Vuppe

    I'm also having issues with Edge since CU, it runs for a while then freezes and requires a force quit. I'm about to install Vivaldi and see how it goes.

    I don't have the other issues you're experiencing, though. I wonder if your CU install is bad. Do you have another device to test on or are you able to do a fresh install?

  4. Usman

    Have you ran into the new window issue? That's my biggest problem with it, creating a new window is more often burried under the existing window instead of above the current one. And that's not a feature, because sometimes it appears on top but then 90% of the time it's always below the current window.