Edge now crashes evrytime under Creators Update


My [self built] desktop machine recognised the CU update last Saturday, all seemed to be OK, reasonably seamless, and fairly robust update. No apparent problems for a week.

Now a week later Edge opens, but crashes every time. Reboot no effect. Google search suggest a some other users also having problems with Edge since CU update. The suggested fix, being to creatte and use a new Microsoft Account. Seriously ? Also Cortana has stopped recognising my Profile, and the OneDrive App crashes on startup with a Qt error… Great ! < Not as if I am on any RS3 fast Ring >

Edge and Cortana working OK on my SP4 device with CU updated [So far anyway]

I guess this problem is only me and a few others. So we are stuck with this broken situation, as User Feedback, offers no support. So much for Insiders Preview, or any Microsoft Quality testing. I guess because No One actually uses Edge. So why does Microsoft ‘recommend swapping to Edge’, if it now less stable than before, keeps crashing. Edge is a major embarassment, which I thought they would have sorted in Creators Update. I guess I have to wait for Redstone 3, as Microsoft only seem capable of updating their browser, with an OS updates !

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