Firefox thrown baby out with bathwater?


I loved Firefox and Chrome until this year when both decided to go overboard on security and tighten up to mention other measures, all of which have ruined the user experience.

This isn’t for our benefit but to cover their ar….s from litigation I bet.

Anyway, I searched for less well known browsers that were more user friendly and am currently using Vivaldi as it can use most legacy Chrome addons. I need a translator and spell checker amongst others. However Vivaldi is a bit quirky and I don’t get on with it. Is it possible to install an old version of Firefox so I can continue to use addons please?

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  1. karlinhigh

    Have you already researched the Pale Moon browser?

    Pale Moon is forked from Firefox, and there are some significant differences between the two browsers. As such, Pale Moon has its own (exclusive) extensions that were specifically written for it, which should always work. In addition, Pale Moon also allows "legacy" Firefox extensions to be installed. These Firefox extensions are not guaranteed to work, but in most cases can be made compatible with a few small alterations.


  2. AnOldAmigaUser

    Firefox borked the OneNote Web Clipper, which makes it much less useful to me. Now I will keep Firefox around only to check sites that will not work with the old and new versions of Edge.

  3. hrlngrv

    I use Waterfox, a pre-Quantum Firefox fork which has handled all the XUL add-ons I've tried. FWIW, I had more problems with Pale Moon. I've read that SeaMonkey can also handle old style Firefox extensions.

    As for Chrome family browsers, Opera works fairly well with Chrome extensions, but I personally don't like the new Light or Dark themes compared to the former UI style.

  4. wright_is

    I don't think they go far enough. I use Firefox, but I also have a pihole to add protection.