Has anyone lost files with the 1903 update??


My wife’s laptop got the “schedule, wait, now pop-up” the other day. She hates computers, BTW even though she went to school for programming and used to write database software for a bank. I said she might as well get it over with. She let it run last night. Today, it appears that her Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. have all been wiped. The folders are there, but they’re empty. It looks like AppData and other hidden user folders got it too since it looks like her Chrome extensions are gone and looks like a fresh install. I’m out of town. So I can’t see for myself for a few more days, but doesn’t sound good. Yes, she shutdown completely and rebooted this morning after it was done if anyone is wondering.

Anyone else see this? I feel like I’ve been time warped back to last year!

When I check Windows Updates on my laptop, it says “your device isn’t quite ready”. Now I’m kinda hoping it never is.

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