Hero UWP App


Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking of this for quite a while and wanted to share with you all to get some feedback.

The thoughts triggered after MS announced about the Centennial MS Office suite coming to Win Store.

My problem is this, why would MS port a Win32 version of Office suite or Office365 suite of apps to Windows Store through Desktop Bridge, and not develop a true/hero full fledge desktop grade UWP Office suite/Office365 apps?

If, MS themselves will not fully realize UWP potential and show it to the developers community (like myself) that what UWP can trully do, its advantages etc, they had the chance to make one true/hero UWP app (Office suite in this case) but instead of they do is simply port via Desktop Bridge.

What is a developer supposed to do? Simply port their legacy apps to Store, develop a new UWP app..

I’ve also said in other blogs and sites that, of course currently there are no good apps in the Store, apart from a few of course, there are no full fledge business/LOB apps. Eg, a midsize to large enterprises run on ERP systems such as Sage, SAP etc. If UWP is not ready, how are these massive apps supposed to run or get developed for UWP?

Let feedbacks come through.. I did love to listen what you all have to say.

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