Having to move all my files over to another computer, to get around band width issues inside main PC. I’m trying to get homegroup to work between a win 8.1 pro 64 bit and a win 10 pro 64 bit system. Nothing seems to work using local accounts on both systems. Is this another feature in the windows OS that you need to be logged into MSA account for it to work? I’m getting and error when trying to join the Homegroup that it is no longer availible and trouble shooting is less than useful.

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  1. TheITGuy

    Some items that immediately come to mind are;

    Check that the computers are in the same Workgroup.

    Check that the computers don't have the same name.

    Check that IPv6 is enabled on both computers' network cards.

    Have you run the Homegroup troubleshooter on both computers?

    Are the computers wired or wireless? If they are wireless, does your router/access point have any sort of wireless client isolation enabled?

    You do not need an MSA for Homegroup to work.