How do you manage PC Settings Sync data for Windows 10?


I know back in Win 8 there was a hidden page in onedrive where you could see/manage the data that was being synced. I have tried deleting all my pc’s from one drive, made sure there are no device back ups in the one drive web app settings. 

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    In reply to arunphilip:

    Which means you can't really manage it. What's really needed is a cloud interface to all the settings, not just which PCs are on the list.

  2. lordbaal1

    The settings is the only way to sync you settings.

    Now I just wish in onedrive it will show me when my pc was last backed.

    I think it even show my pc after I reinstall or reset my pc.

    Onedrive will just tell yo what device was backed up. And then they have that in 2 different views. Go to onedrive, click on PC's, it shows pc's and phone.

    If I click on the gear, then options, then device backups. It only shows my phone.

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