How many different Onedrives are there?


I ask this as I vainly try to connect to my onedrive for my microsoft account from Windows 10 15063.447 (no Office 365) and a Windows 10 15063.447 including Office 365 They don’t seem to connect to the data I stored using the Office 365 PC. I tried to install the standalone Onedrive app in the (No Office 365 PC) but it does no seem to work. It keeps saying that Onedrive is already installed in Windows 10 but it cannot connect to my account storage.

How do I tell which version I have and why the differences?

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  1. Dan1986ist

    Is OneDrive on both PCs being logged into using the exact same Microsoft Account? If not OneDrive on the Non-Office 365 PC would be completely seperate from that on the PC running Office 365 i.e. thing synced to OneDrive folder on one PC will not sync to another.

  2. Patrick3D

    Office365 accounts are separate from the free Microsoft account that anyone can register for. You can link both accounts on a single PC, for example, at work I have both my Office365 (business) and personal OneDrive accounts connected and synced to a single PC. What I would recommend doing is login online to the OneDrive account that is not synced to the computer yet and click the "Sync" button at the top of the webpage. It should automatically connect or instruct you to install the correct software version required for your account to sync.