How many PCs do you use/maintain at home?


I feel like my Windows PCs proliferate like mushrooms. Here at the house I count … seven? in regular use.

* My daily driver, a 2016 Acer desktop

* My husband’s daily driver, a 2012 (!) Samsung laptop

* 2012 Lenovo desktop that’s a server for Plex and Windows Media Center (sorry Paul)

* 2011 Lenovo desktop that I use for certain utility tasks, like ripping physical media for Plex

* 2013 Intel NUC that I use in the living room to listen to surround music

* 2016 Fujitsu tablet that’s my main content consumption device

* 2007 Dell laptop that I use for … OK, I don’t really use it. Works fine though (fine being a relative term)

How about you?

A few comments. One is that I love how flexible and adaptable Windows is. I can use a single Windows PC for a great variety of purposes, like the writing, surfing, hobby programming, social media-ing etc. I do on my daily driver. Or I can use a PC for basically one purpose, like the surround music listening I do in the living room.

Remoting is essential to maintaining this fleet. I use Chrome Remote Desktop.

I still prefer a big hulking tower PC for my daily driver. That’s a habit I picked up in … 1995? And when I retire one I typically find another use for it, as with the media server. What’s this about? Easy upgradability is a big factor. A few weeks ago I upgraded the media PC’s boot drive to an SSD and it was a snap. And just this week on my daily driver I replaced an eight-year-old Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard. I’m probably going to upgrade the RAM soon, and that will (knock wood) be painless. OK, upgrading laptop memory is likewise pretty easy, usually — although on that old Dell laptop, one of the memory slots is under the keyboard, and accessing it would be a hassle.

I’m having fun. I do nearly all of my work at the office, so most of this computing power is for one leisure activity or another — reading, video, music, social media. But for me maintaining all the devices and the network is also a leisure activity. I enjoy the configuring, the problem-solving. I like devising better ways of doing things and learning about new-to-me technologies, like the MoCA LAN adapters that have really improved my spousal acceptance factor.

I know this isn’t normal behavior. Most people have no patience for malfunctioning computers. Me, I like a good challenge.

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