How Microsoft could loose the PWA-race as well


Just home from a developer get-together in London. We were 30 independent consultants developing for mainly the win32-platform enjoying a day of showcasing our projects and discussing. Many of us have been burnt by Microsoft’s promises of the new platforms – Silverlight, DNA, J#, XNA and Windows Phone, to name a few.

When discussing, we found that most of us are still developing for the win32-platform. Why? Simple answer is – to support Windows 7!

Windows 7 will be supported until 2020. Major business and most of the world (46% as of this writing) are still running it. Lowest common-denominator is win32! Why should anyone write for anything else? Microsoft is now muddling the waters with the UWP to PWA shift, so why should I look at UWP?

Please Microsoft – allow us to develop for UWP and PWA platforms and deploy those applications on Windows 7. Create a wrapper or something (steal Electron runtime?) because developing and deploying win32 apps is not the way forward. It will make the life hard for us developers and you will have a even more fragmented platform since developers will turn their back on you.

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