How To Enable TPM on Gigabyte Z390 Boards


Many days of searching and I hope this helps someone.


Bios mode = Advanced


In my Z390 Aorus, this setting for on chip TPM is available in miscellaneous, then enable PTT.


In later Z390 boards, they put the PTT toggle under Peripherals.


I passed the Windows 11 Test after that with my 9th Gen I9.


I will likely cancel my order for the true TPM module for that board, since it was near $50 instead of it’s normal $20.

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  1. bkkcanuck

    Thanks, my board is that with a 9700K processor... (I went non-hyperthreaded because I figured eventually the hyperthreaded version won't be worth it after it gets patched for exploits :o )

  2. Daemonzegeek

    Will this not brick my system?

  3. StephenB1

    Thanyou for posting this. I have the exact system with a I5 9600-K CPU. Like you I had trouble finding ANYTHING in the manual that Gigabyte provided. Luckly your post referred to PPT which I found under peripherals.

    FYI - this did not "brick" my system. It did require a setup of a PIN for sign-on which was probably a goood idea.