How to use Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10 (maybe 11 too?)


Simply follow the instructions in cnet’s article (for link google the following:) “Miss Windows Photo Viewer? Here’s how to get it back in Windows 10”. I do have a correction to this 2020 article: at the end of the article, instead of their step 3, you need to go to a JPG file and right click on it, click “Open with”, click “Choose another app”, and then click More apps. You should then see Windows Photo Viewer.

Why did Microsoft keep Windows Photo Viewer if they were going to make it so difficult to actually use it? I’m guessing it’s not because they wanted to make long-timers happy and allow interested users to bypass their regressive Photos app. My theory, instead, is that they had to keep Windows Photo Viewer baked into Windows–for printing. Right click on a JPG file, click print, and what do you see: Photo Viewer’s classic Print Pictures interface.

Anyone on Windows 11 care to comment on whether the above holds true in 11 as well?